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Sharing Their Legacy

admin —  July 1, 2011 — 2 Comments

For the past few years, a small team of people within Campus Crusade have been recording the stories of their most seasoned veterans in order to share them with the next generation of Campus Crusade staff members. These stories of their struggles, successes, and failures and God’s continued faithfulness are simply amazing!

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with the Campus Crusade Legacy Project to develop their social media strategy.  We spent several months defining a vision for their online presence and then a few more months getting it all online: a website, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel.  Now that the sites are up and running, I hope you will take a moment to check out some of these stories and be encouraged.

Campus Crusade Legacy Project website

Campus Crusade Legacy Project Facebook page

Campus Crusade Legacy Project YouTube channel

Thinking strategically: identity

Dave —  March 25, 2009 — 3 Comments

fingerprintIn my last post, I reviewed what I call the “foundational principles” for developing an Internet Ministry strategy. In this post, I will begin reviewing the steps involved in developing that strategy.  This strategy framework is based in part on the one originally presented in Planning Strategies for World Evangelization by Dayton and Fraser and updated in Media In Church and Mission by Viggo Sogaard. By combining that framework with my background and experience with churches and technology, I have developed a framework for developing an Internet Ministry strategy which can be used by ministries of all sizes who are working to use the Internet as a tool in their ministry.  I have created a worksheet for this strategy, which is available on my company’s website on the page developed for my “God In the Tubes” workshop presented last week. Continue Reading…

choice_checkmarkIn my last post, I stated that “no ministry can do everything, but you have to have a strategy in place that drives your decisions.”  This strategy will help you make decisions about your Internet presence: which software to use, which social software sites to integrate with, etc. Last week, I presented a workshop to over seventy churches in Indiana. The workshop was entitled “God in the Tubes: Developing an Internet Strategy for Your Congregation”.  The goal of my workshop was to help local churches, most of them working with very limited resources, develop a strategy for Internet use that would allow them to make the best use of those resources.

Before I had the participants work through their strategy, I presented some foundational principles for strategy that needed to be understood before they actually began working through the process: Continue Reading…