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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Tom Horan

Dr. Horan is Dean and Professor at CGU's School of Information Systems & Technology (SISAT) and is founding Director of the Kay Center for E-Health Research. Dr. Horan has been an active leader in research and training related to policy and consumer dimensions of health information technology and digital infrastructure systems. This role has included service to the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ (HHS), American Health Information Community (AHIC), as well as providing research expertise, consultation and policy advice to the US Congress, US Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, Department of Transportation, and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Horan has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, and the University of Hawaii.

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Student Spotlight: Sara Kapadia

Meet Sara Kapadia, an “academic, educator and researcher with a transdisciplinary approach…” bringing “new research to the field of education that affects theory, practice and policy.” Sara is currently an Education PhD Candidate at Claremont Graduate University, and founder of The STEAM Journal (Science Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) which showcases the different ways that the arts and sciences intersect. Kapadia’s extensive experience working with children, paired with her world-class education coming from both CGU and Oxford, identify her as a quality student conducting research that matters. Please take a moment to view Sara’s e-portfolio and obtain a better sense of how her scholarship is impacting education today.
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Research Spotlight: Michael Toma

Although completed SCRABBLE boards and crossword puzzles are similar in appearance, the cognitive demands of these games are qualitatively different. Are these differences reflected in the working memory abilities of experts in these games? To test this possibility, visuospatial and verbal ability were measured in the two groups of nationally-ranked experts and compared to a group of college undergraduates whose mathematic and verbal SAT scores on average were above 700. These experts were recruited from the National Scrabble Association and American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Michael's thesis research has focused on trying to capture the cognitive mechanisms responsible for expertise in the domains of SCRABBLE and crossword solving. Feel free to contact Michael for any questions on his research!
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